A.J. Benoit embodies a purity of spirit in her singing that is the essence of inspired vocalists I have encountered. Her singing is full of passion, focus and creativity.”
— Cheryl Fisher, Vocalist, Educator, Festival Curator for Jazz at the Lake
Aimee-Jo Benoit’s approach to Jazz, particularly Joni Mitchell’s songbook, is heartfelt, whimsical, fresh and creative. She’s an artist whose beautiful humanity and sensitive approach to life cannot be separated from what she brings to the music, on recording and in performance.
— Laila Biali, JUNO-winning musician and host of CBC Music's Saturday Night Jazz
Aimee-Jo is a gifted artist. She has a deep sense of the jazz tradition and swings with a lightness. She has a very developed sound and a maturity to her approach.
— Kodi Hutchinson-Artistic Director JazzYYC, CKUA HOST, President Chronograph Records
You’d have to have a heart of stone not to be by seduced Aimee-Jo Benoit’s vocal on Little Wings.
— http://www.theartsdesk.com/new-music/cd-woodpigeon-thumbtacks-and-glue
Tyler J Stewart ‏@teestewww 23 May 2013
The voice of @ajbenoit is spine chilling on Joni Mitchell’s songs here @nmc_canada
— https://twitter.com/teestewww/status/337772983521275904
The slow, almost hymn-like Little Wings features a stunning [Aimee-Jo Benoit}, proclaiming “love causes pain”, infused with sorrow as the two voices merge.
— http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/reviews/jc5c
Sharing vocal duties with one of the (unnamed) gals [Aimee-Jo Benoit] on the gentle ‘Little Wings’ proves the most charming moment on an album chock full of them (the sublime orchestration of ‘Hermit’ yet another), her silky gossamer vocals an exquisitely delicate counterpoint to Hamilton’s easygoing delivery.
— http://www.folkgeek.net/2013/03/album-review-woodpigeon-thumbtacks-glue/